Through a smart fusion of PEOPLE, BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY acumen


Highly engaged employees generate higher profits, revenue and customer loyalty rates. So what does it take to nurture a culture with high and sustained levels of engagement? How can you energise the talents and passion of all generations?


An organisation, no matter what size, must earn the ongoing right to be a strategic and trusted business partner. Hence, in this fast-paced digital world, what steps can and should you take to create and sustain such partnerships to power your future success?


Is the lightning pace of “digital transformation” disrupting or distracting your business? Are you blinded by the related hype? So how can you create a focused, business-led approach to technology investment which generates the true transformation required in today’s dynamic world?


CyberActive Limited was founded in 2016 by Kevin Breen, a seasoned Business / IT Executive with 35+ years of experience. CyberActive is a boutique Business / IT Consultancy focused on delivering insightful advice and action to power your future business results.

Technology is increasingly powering the heart of every organisation, regardless of size. To harness this power and deliver world class business results requires a creative and practical balance of PEOPLE, BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY skills. This is where CyberActive is focused and can help you.

Why is CyberActive different? Kevin’s 35+ years of experience across local and global leadership roles have honed this blended balance of PEOPLE, BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY skills. This experience spans IT Senior Leadership roles in Fortune50 MNCs, and coaching/ facilitation roles in global Leadership & Human Dynamics/EI companies. Management consultancy roles cover both public and private sector including FMCG, Technology, Financial Services, Educational Services, Insurance and Manufacturing industries. Allied with a variety of Advisory Board roles and an Adjunct Professor role in University College Dublin, Kevin has a wide lens on the issues and opportunities which companies face in the fast-paced digital world we live in today – ranging from digital security / privacy protection and proactive people engagement to business strategy development / execution and future of work / skills implications. Yes, technology is clearly important – but only as a means to delivering business results. Together with his extensive network of colleagues, Kevin knows how to create an environment where both results and people can excel whilst smartly leveraging available technology.

For further details:

Services Include

Integrated Strategy Development

We help shape and integrate your business, people & digital/ technical strategies using our SEES-The-Future® and Dive-Strive-Thrive® frameworks.

Strategy Workshop Design and Facilitation

Appropriate engagement at all levels is crucial to a winning strategy and subsequent execution. Bespoke workshops are designed & delivered with this in mind using our TRUST-Igniters® model.

Advisory Board Roles

Such roles have included:  an AI/ Analytics Startup, a Mobile/Cyber Security Startup, Future of Work/Digital Skills Evaluation & Design at national/ EU level, CIO/ Mobile Computing Leadership & Global Technology Event/ Conference Management.

Organisation Evaluation & Evolution

We conduct integrated effectiveness reviews and recommend future “growth” opportunities with a particular focus on people / skills agility as part of a fit-for-purpose Target Operating Model [TOM]. Optimally, this is aligned with our SEES-The-Future® strategy development service offering.

Transformation Programme Design & Management

Our experience enables us to turn your integrated strategies into concrete action through bespoke & streamlined transformation governance structures. Strategic thinking often becomes wishful thinking without such focus and the importance of SEERkat® capabilities cannot be overlooked.

Interim/ Fractional Executive Roles

Focused on augmenting your existing capabilities to address specific organisation, programme or team goals. Customised role design based on these goals ensures value is delivered.

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